Decision Driven® Solutions was founded by John Fitch, an Expert Systems Engineering Professional and a practiced Decision Management Consultant with roughly 30 years of experience in the field, primarily with high-tech companies. Throughout the years, John has pioneered innovations in decision management methods, built up a rich set of decision patterns and decision-centered services and led the development of three generations of Decision Management software tools. All of these parts have come together and culminated in Decision Driven® Solutions.

Our goal is to become the standard by which organizations proactively manage their strategy and individuals manage their lives to achieve their vision. We are here to serve you – to help you accelerate your great ideas into world-transforming solutions.

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Although the ground work for DDS was laid many years ago, the visionary process of our Framework aligned around 1996. It was after our founder, John began teaching through Decision Driven® Design, that he created the tools that formulate the basis of DDS today.


Our second evolutionary period was characterized by the fine-tuning of the tools created in the 10 years prior. During this phase, the Decision Driven® Strategy came into view.


Integrated Systems Engineering Framework (ISEF) is a pivotal project for DDS. To date, it is the largest project tackled by our firm. Learn more about this project here.


The Decision Driven® Solutions Framework is in the process of being simplified for commercial use. During this phase, we are looking to deliver the same powerful capabilities in a sleeker, simpler format.