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Our framework contains a set of powerful decision patterns to jump-start your innovation strategy.

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Given that Decision Driven® Solutions began it’s journey as a start-up, we understand the struggles that many entrepreneurs and young businesses go through. It’s for that exact reason that we are passionate about helping start-ups maximize their potential through optimizing their decision-making process.

The startup world is a complex, uncertain, and dynamic environment in which entrepreneurs are often confronted with decisions that are uncommon for those who don’t operate startups. These decisions are usually highly unique and few outside resources can help point you to a positive outcome. Given these circumstances, it is paramount that startups develop good Decision Management behavior that gives them the best chance to thrive in such a difficult environment.

The DDS Framework helps startups organize and frame decisions in a repeatable manner. Through this design, startups can consistently make data-driven, fact-based choices that aren’t hampered by emotion. Although not all results will be favorable, a good decision-making process will consistently improve the odds of success for any business, especially startups.

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